Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Under New Management" #2 - El Cancun (South Blvd)

Ad from March 24, 1970 announcing the grand opening of the original location

Fall 1978 ad

Original location opened in 1970 at 4749 South Blvd. (note the original shingled roof)

Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips was a fairly successful 1970's national chain. By the mid-80's, most locations were long gone (they have more recently made a come back when paired with Nathan's Hot Dogs at many mall food courts across the country). 

The El Cancun on South Blvd. is a good example of a fairly intact former Arthur Treacher's location. Other than the awning and pseudo-front porch (and bright paint job), the exterior is relatively unchanged. More importantly, the El Cancun still has a working street-side Lantern sign. The lanterns were the most identifiable aspect of Arthur Treacher's and seem to have vanished from most former locations. The El Cancun's lantern also boasts the original green shingled roof. Very rare indeed. Arthur Treacher's opened in this location in 1977. Their original location was two blocks north on South Blvd and opened in 1970. This location no longer has the street-side sign but the building still sports the cool original shingled roof.

REVISIONS-- 8-2-2008

Original matchbook (courtesy of Robert McEwen)


  1. I coulkd spot the old Arthur Treacher's, but I didn't realize there was a Zayre at that corner.

  2. I think Zayre was at the corner of Woodlawn and South (formerly Media Play, formerly Hechinger, etc). The H&R Block building he shows I think is across the street?