Monday, March 31, 2008


1980 photo

Recent photo--currently occupied by a law office

Lunch menu

Dinner menu

Located at 602 E. Morehead St, Stonehenge Restaurant opened in July 1975 in a unique house built in 1914 that overlooked downtown Charlotte. Brothers Vince and Gary Walker along with fellow Harding High graduate Mike Farmer bought the house in 1974 for $65,000 and began the process of converting the old house into a 50-seat restaurant. In addition to a great casual menu, Stonehenge was known for its interior that featured polished exposed beams, stained glass windows, and antiques, as well as the restaurant's striking gothic baptismal font. Stonehenge closed five years later in October 1980. Though the restaurant was a success, a constant high turnover of the staff in addition to eight robberies (the last robbery being particularly violent) led the partners to close the restaurant for good.

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  1. I remember this place in 1977 when I enjoyed a cheese plate and a bottle of wine with my first date--he 17 and me, 16 years old. What an amazing restaurant! BTW, my then BF and I reacquainted (after breaking up), married fifteen years later and had a set of twins. He died in 2006 but that memory of Stonehenge lives on. Thanks for a well-written piece. ~Wendy