Saturday, March 15, 2008

Little Italy **FAREWELL!!!**

1975 ad1990 ad

Another great street-side sign

Exterior has changed little over the years

Front door

One of three dining rooms

Stuffed birds on the wall add to the decor

As well as these guys...

Ivy gives the room some green

The ceiling looks like meringue

Meringue close-up

Second main dining room

Wall wood paneling always adds the right ambience

Lots of different items on the mantle

The famous "egg-shell carton" ceiling

Another ceiling view

Center dining room with the bar in the back

Another of Charlotte's legendary restaurants is closing. It was announced this week that Little Italy on Central Avenue will close on March 22. Owner John Caltis opened for business in January 1959. Originally the restaurant was called KC Drive-In Restaurant. It was a drive-in and specialized in breakfast and lunch. In 1967, the restaurant expanded, a bar was added, and the place was renamed Little Italy (and the Italian menu was introduced). While business boomed through the '90's, the last decade has been tough for the restaurant (and surrounding area). Caltis has sold the land to new developers who plan on tearing down the existing structure and opening a new restaurant. Little Italy has always been a stand-out for great home-cooked Italian fare. Thanks to Little Italy for all of the memories! You will be missed!

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  1. I've been going to this restaurant since I was a newborn (seriously!).
    The sauces, the dressings, everything was the best. I am truly sad to see it go.
    But there is always the hope that John C. and family will open a new version somewhere in Charlotte. PLEASE!!!