Wednesday, March 19, 2008


November 1960 ad promoting the first area McDonald's

Charlotte's first McDonald's on Independence Blvd opened in 1959

Currently the oldest McD's still in business in the city opened in 1963 on Freedom Dr

Now the Clock Restaurant, this McD's opened in 1969 on South Blvd

No more burgers at the former N Tryon McD's location which opened in 1970

Former Independence Blvd location which opened in 1971

The Albemarle Rd location opened in 1973

Former Milton Rd location which opened in 1974

Summer 1978 saw the opening of McD's in the Overstreet Mall

When McDonald's opened in the Overstreet Mall in 1978, there were only seven other McDonald's in Charlotte (and the Overstreet location was the first (and only) downtown location). McDonald's were not on every corner (or in gas stations and big-box stores) but were strategically located in pivotal areas of the city. Portions were smaller and the food, though not healthy, was not as bad for you as it is today. 


  1. I used to love the old McDonald's stores. Up until the '90s, they were almost always interesting. After that, they were all painted red and the interiors got really cheesy.

    It's no wonder they had to totally revamp in the 2000s. The previous version was very hard to look at and even harder to enjoy.

    Also, notice that the former McDonald's stores all had their roof changed. This was intentional. Apparently, the McD's mansards were trademarked (or something) and when one closed, the roof came off with the signage.

  2. I had no idea McDonald's restaurants actually closed.

  3. Albemarle Rd was just torn down.