Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sweet Tea's - A visit from the Food Network!

First night (December 4th) - windows are covered and remodeling is happening inside

Second night (December 5th) - owners out front waiting for Robert and the unveiling

Robert preparing the owners to go inside and check out the renovations (above and below)

Robert leading the owners inside

Eyes closed...

Packed inside and outside during the dinner service

Tom the carpenter gets called into action for a quick repair of front

Robert takes a moment to come outside and say hello to the crowd

Restaurant Impossible (currently the most popular show on the Food Network) was in the Charlotte area on December 4th-5th to try to save a failing restaurant. The basic premise of the show is celebrity chef/host Robert Irvine has 48 hours and $10,000 to save an about-to-close eatery by remodeling the interior, overhauling the menu, retraining the staff, and educating the owners on how to successfully operate a restaurant. Sweet Tea's in Pineville was selected out of thousands of nationwide requests to be rescued. From watching the show, Robert Irvine appears to be passionately driven and determined to save every restaurant featured on the show. Not your typical Charlotte Eats post, but a unique opportunity to experience an aspect of restaurants not usually seen in person.