Monday, July 21, 2014

Pine St Snack Bar

The Pine St Snack Bar was located in Fourth Ward at 215 N. Pine St (across the street from the current Harris-Teeter). This shot is a good peek at the many small snack bars and lunch spots that dotted the downtown neighborhoods during this time period. This photo is dated June 10, 1963.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Independence Blvd - early 1960's

Wonderful early-60's color shot of Independence Blvd. Oven's Auditorium and the Coliseum had recently opened and two popular Charlotte eateries are visible in the picture. Circled lower left is The Stork and circled to the right is the legendary Babe Malloy's Drive-In. The opening of the two entertainment venues would hasten the grow of Independence and Charlotte's east side.

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Lance in the 1940's

Not so much of an eatery per se, but Charlotte-based Lance has been providing snack crackers to the nation since 1913. Acquired by Synder's in 2010, Lance continues to still be produced in Charlotte. 

Below is a nice time capsule look from the 1940's including the full-page cartoon ads which are almost works of art. At this point in time, Lance was located on South Blvd at the edge of downtown.

Pedro's - Pt II

Finally --- a great shot of the exterior of the legendary Pedro's! This beauty is from 1974.

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