Sunday, June 29, 2014

Drive-in's - 1950's

In the late 1950's, the big boom in Charlotte was drive-in restaurants. It seemed almost every restaurant offered curb service. The auto age was in full swing and eating (and being seen) in your car was the popular option.

Enjoy the pictures and ads below that showcase some of the many drive-ins that dotted the Charlotte landscape during the late 1950's and 1960's. Click on the picture title to go to the previous original post (if highlighted).

Dixieland Drive-in - 1962 (eventually The Venus would occupy this address)

Bar-B-Q King - Wilkinson Blvd - 1960 - still in business today!

Town & Country Drive-in - Wilkinson Blvd - 1959

Harrill's Bar-B-Q - Kings Dr - 1956

Shoney's - Morehead St - 1960 - one of the most popular

Skyland Drive-in - South Blvd - 1959

The Drum Drive-in - East Blvd - 1957

Westover Drive-in - West Blvd - 1961

Above 3 - Jerry's Drive-in - pictured is the Park Rd location -- one also at Indep Blvd & 4th St

McDonald's - Indep Blvd - '61 - Charlotte's first location - not a drive-in but you had to eat in your car

Stafford's Drive-in - Wilkinson Blvd - 1956

South 21 - 1959 - currently, the No 2 location is still going strong!

Lunch counters - 1950's

One of the most popular places to meet in the 1950's in Charlotte was at the local lunch counter. Some were located in downtown department stores, others were in the numerous pharmacies in town. Some people called them lunch counters and others called them soda shops. For teens, it was the place to go after school let out to socialize. 

Enjoy the pictures below that showcase some of the soda shops/lunch counters in Charlotte during the 1950's and early 1960's. Click on the picture title to go to the previous original post (if highlighted).

Anderson's - 1950 (also a full-fledged restaurant)

Eckerd's on Providence Rd - 1956

Southern Drug Store on E Morehead St - 1961

Above 4 all from the downtown Ivey's store from the late 1950's

Eastwood Pharmacy on Eastway Dr - 1963

Above 2 from the Derita Drug Store - Late 1950's

Dairy Queen - Hutchinson Avenue Shopping Center

Early 1960's pictures of the Dairy Queen that was at the Hutchinson Avenue Shopping Center in North Charlotte. One shot appears to be a night shot! Opened in the late-50's, it was operated by the Carpenter family. 

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UNCC 1982

In 1982, UNCC was relatively far outside of the Charlotte city limits. The eating options off campus were few but the restaurants were good. This is a nice group of ads showcasing the UNCC-area eateries from 1982.

Barclay Cafeteria - 1963

Sensational interior shot of the Barclay Cafeteria at Amity Gardens from 1963. Check out that carpet! Appears to be a formal gathering and the meal prayer is being observed. First time I've seen an interior picture!

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ice Cream

The first ice cream cone ever sold in Charlotte was from this small stand that stood at the Square in 1900. It was run by Henry Shaw. Just like The Open Kitchen with pizza in the '50's, this stand was revolutionary at the time.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Captain Windy Seafood Inn - 1974

Opened in 1974, Captain Windy Seafood Inn was an offshot of the ever-popular Riverview Inn. Not being too familiar with this place, it appears to be the Riverview Inn's attempt at having an eatery inside the city limits. Not sure how long it lasted for or if Capt Windy was directly involved.

Ad courtesy of Adventure Tom of The Adventurers Club blog. Much thanks!

Restaurant scene - 1981

1981 map and listing of some of the more popular dining destinations in Charlotte (as well as some other points of interest). Only two eateries on the list are still in operation today (and only one in the original location on the map).

After Dark! - Nightlife Series # 2

A nice look at some of the nighttime restaurant entertainment options in Charlotte in 1980. Who remembers enjoying the sounds of these artists?

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Nixon Bros. Steakhouse - Pt II

Super aerial picture of Independence Blvd (near Albemarle Rd) from 1978. The Town & Country Ford dealership dominates the shot, but the real excitement in this view is the Nixon Bros. Steakhouse sign in the lower left corner. Still one of the best Charlotte eatery signs ever.

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