Sunday, July 6, 2008

20th Century Fox - Nightlife Series #1

Original business card (courtesy of legendary disco DJ Luis-Mario Orellana)

Located in the main floor of the high-rise Doctor's Building (long since demolished)

1985 ad

Former location of Nickyo's Rodeo

The disco era hit Charlotte with a bang with the opening of 20th Century Fox--Charlotte's first discotheque. Opened in March 1978 by Nick Panos, the 20th Century Fox was located on Kings Dr in the main floor of the Doctor's Building. It was instantly the place to be and be seen and featured several famous national touring  DJ's. It would pave the way for several other discos that would soon sprout up all around Charlotte. Just like disco itself, the club would quickly peak and would close within a few years of opening.

Prior to the 20th Century Fox, Nick Panos ran a two-story eatery around the corner called Nick's Place. Located on the far east side of Morehead St, Nick's Place was part pool hall (top floor) and part sandwich shop (bottom floor). Nick Pano's biggest success would come in the mid-80's when he opened Nickyo's Rodeo on Providence Rd. Featuring Southwestern/Texas cuisine and everything from line dancing to karaoke, Nickyo's "roadhouse" atmosphere was immensely popular from the mid-80's through the early-'90's. 

Nick Panos passed away about five years ago, but his mark will forever be left on the Charlotte restaurant community.

The Nightlife Series will feature venues that, though not true restaurants per se, added to the overall night scene of Charlotte.


  1. The Rodeo is now Taipei Express, right?

    And where was the Doctor's Buildling? That's a new one for me.

    The disco looks like my kind of place -- if only I had been in my 20s in the late 70s!

    Thanks for the pics, Pat.

  2. Correct--Nickyo's is now a Taipei Express.

    The Doctor's Bldg was on Kings a block away from Morehead. It was imploded within a few years ago. Across the street still stands a sandwich shop/grill called Philadelphia something...

    In the picture of the Doctor's Bldg, the low building housed Picasso's for years (before they moved to East Blvd).

  3. Mmmmm....I like Picasso's.

    I know exactly where you're talking about with the Philadelphia whatever place -- every time I drive down Kings I notice that place.

    So, Pat, which one of those disco pictures is you? ;)

  4. 20th Century Fox was not in the Doctor's Building. It was in the low building beside the Doctor's Building. I worked a The Mill health food store at the time. Which was at the other end of the low building. 20th Century Fox was a lot of fun it's first year.