Friday, November 14, 2008

"Under New Management" #4 - El Vallarta/Hardee's

After Hardee's closed and prior to El Vallarta moving in...

New colors and a large side porch...

Typical Hardee's exterior (this is the old Freedom Dr location-now a Showmar's)

In the late-90's, almost all of the Hardee's in Charlotte closed. The under-performing Charlotte market was a prime target in a massive restructuring of the chain. The El Vallarta on Hwy 51 on the edge of Charlotte (technically the restaurant is in Pineville) moved into this former Hardee's location in 1999. This Hardee's, on the edge of downtown Pineville, opened in 1981 and closed in 1998. Other than the addition of the large porch and some exterior paint, this building is easily spotted as a former Hardee's location.

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