Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lupie's Cafe

Late-80's photo before the front porch was glassed-in (courtesy of Byron Baldwin)

Photo showing the closed-in porch with current side door entrance

Photo of the neon-sign on front of building

Serving up the food in this 1991 photo

This sign greets you as you wait to be seated

Burgers are highly recommended

As well as the wonderful veggie plate...

Banana pudding to end a perfect meal!

Lupie's Cafe opened in 1987 on Monroe Rd in a small white building on the edge of the Plaza-Midwood neighborhood. 

The building was built by Arthur Samuel Grier (the Grier Heights neighborhood is next-door) in 1938 and was operated as the Martin Grocery until the late-1960's. The building continued to run as various grocery stores and the back of the building was occupied by a Texaco gas station (later by a body shop) at the same time.

Lupie's Cafe has earned a devoted following due to their fresh veggies, their three types of home-made chilis, and their gigantic burgers. The cornbread and banana pudding are spectacular as well. Lupie's is classic Americana home-cooking at its best (even the beverages are served in mason jars). One critic wrote that "Lupie's has an unvarnished charm that is increasingly rare in a world of corporate restaurants with carefully plotted themes. Its (Lupie's) theme is square meals for honest dollars". That sums up Lupie's perfectly.

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  1. bull, it was the 75 cent beers....that got it crankin