Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Godfather's Pizza

TV commercial for Godfather's Pizza from 1978

Godfather's Pizza had a presence throughout the Charlotte area throughout the '70's and until the mid-80's. I went to the one at Park Rd Shopping Center several times. It was eventually replaced with a Pizza Inn and then it went back to being a Godfather's (for a very short time) in the early '90's. The Park Rd location is currently a Fuel Pizza.

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  1. I remember Godfather's pizza from the early 80's.Outside of Pizza Hut, Godfather's was the best around. I always frequented the location off of Freedom Dr. I remember the pizzas being loaded with toppings and cheese, so much so that you could only eat about three slices before you were full. It was a nice alternative to Pizza Hut. Godfather's pizza was never as greasy as Pizza Hut's. It was loaded with flavor and was always a treat on the weekend. I miss the pizza and the commercials. Who can ever forget the famous line "Do It!"