Sunday, February 24, 2008


1969 ad for the "Alpine" Chateau

Another 1969 ad for the "Alpine" Chateau

1972 ad

Mid-70's ad noting pianist Gabriel Kucko

1981 ad

Another 1981 ad

1972 interior photo

1976 interior photo

1977 interior shot

1981 interior photo

1984 interior photo

1994 photo of manager Dee Atkins days before the closing

Front, back, and inside of original matchbook (courtesy of Robert McEwen)

Lunch menu from 1978

Dinner menu from 1978

Super 1960's photo when the building was a Shoney's

Currently inhabited by Frankie's Italian Restaurant

The Chateau is considered to be one of Charlotte's greatest upscale, elegant restaurants. It was known for its New Orleans atmosphere and French haute cuisine. 

The Chateau began in the late-60's on Morehead St near the intersection of Kings Dr. At the time it was called the Alpine Chateau and was more of a casual restaurant. In 1970, the restaurant was purchased by Forrest Collier who immediately began the transformation of turning the Chateau into a high-class restaurant.  Dinner was marked by tuxedoed waiters (waitresses were used for the more casual lunch service), fresh-cut flowers on every table, gold tablecloths, low lighting (mostly provided by candles), and the popular Gabriel Kucko on piano. 

In 1981, the restaurant was moved west up Morehead St to the former location of the famous Shoney's drive-in (near the intersection of Dilworth Rd). The Chateau continued its run through the early '90's. Its last day was Saturday January 15, 1994. The building currently is home to Frankie's Italian restaurant. 


  1. My very favorite Charlotte restaurant. Every "event" was celebrated there. My grandparents preferred The Epicurean, but I loved the Chateau!

  2. What I wouldn't give for a Chateau burger!

  3. All buildings are soon to be torn down from Myrtle Ave to Oriole St and replaced by the Duke Endowment headquarters. Old buildings that housed everything from Winn-Dixie to Shoneys/Chateau/Frankies will missed but area should be improved.

  4. Who keeps the pictures / old ads / memorabilia of the Alpine Chateau as seen above...

    I have an old Stock Certificate issued in 1969, 24th day of April for the Chateau... it would fit nicely with the above pics.

    John Cameron Morrison

  5. I am sad to learn that Chateau closed so many years ago. I've been trying to locate it on the internet for a while now. I lived in Charlotte very briefIy and went to Chateau only once. It was 23 years ago this most recent June and on that evening that my husband presented me with a beautiful diamond solitaire for our engagement. I wish I had a photo of us from that evening and I had hoped perhaps to return there one day to reminisce and take a photo. I do still have the diamond and most importantly the husband!

  6. Does anyone know anyone who worked there? I've been trying to make my own "Ham Jubilee" ever since it closed, with minimal success. Anybody know what the "Choctaw Indian sauce was"?