Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ho Jo's

1959 ad

1950's shot of the West Blvd Ho Jo (with a colorized roof!)

Another shot of the West Blvd Ho Jo (complete with staff!)

Nice 1950's shot of the Independence Blvd Ho Jo (photo courtesy of David at Groceteria)

Former Statesville Rd location (opened in 1960)

Former Wilkinson Blvd location (opened in the late-'50's)

Former Woodlawn Rd location (opened in 1970)

1968 ad

March 1970 ad

November 1972 ad

1976 ad (silver dollars!)

Fall 1982 ad

Who doesn't remember eating at Howard Johnson's? Wonderful entrees like the turkey dinner and the famous fried clam strips, along with great ice cream sundaes (pineapple was always a favorite).  All of the Charlotte locations are long gone, but for a chain, the Ho Jo's Restaurant always was a good choice.

1960's commercial for those wonderful fried clams!

REVISIONS-- 8-2-2008

1961 breakfast menu (courtesy of Steve Balsley)

REVISIONS -- 8-9-2008

1950's photo of the Independence Blvd location


  1. Cool! I look forward to reading more.

  2. 5625 N TRYON ST - the Amber House - Was built in 1950. Is it a former HoJo?

    Cheers and thanks for the great blog!! I Rss'd it.


  3. Just ran across this article, thanks for posting it! I miss HoJo's restaurants and wish they could make a comeback. Growing up in the early-mid 80's, I came along at the tail end of HJ history, but I rememeber them well and loved their ice cream!

    There were plans in the works back in about 2006-2007 to relaunch the HJ restaurant and frozen food brand, by an entity named La Mancha Group out of New York. However, I guess the economic downturn squashed those plans and they never materialized.