Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Gondola

1968 exterior shot

1968 interior shot

1981 shot of the exterior mural

Late 70's menu

Business card

1959 ad

1960 ad

1967 ad

1968 ad

1972 ad

1973 ad

1975 ad

"It's like a shortcut to Italy" was the slogan of The Gondola. Located at the intersection of W. Morehead and Wilkinson Blvd, The Gondola opened in 1953 and had an impressive run over the span of four decades. Owned by Steve and Gus Economos, the restaurant featured what they described as an "Italian Old World Atmosphere" and a very traditional Italian menu. They were most famous for their pizza and lasagna as well as their selection of up to 20 different spaghetti sauces. The "Pizza El Greco" - featuring feta and provolone cheeses and oregano - was a popular house specialty.

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