Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Under New Management" #3 - Credit Quick/Bojangles'

Look close--you can see the orange color bleeding through the light blue on the awnings

Bojangles' #1 on West Blvd as it looked in 1977

The first Bojangles' was opened in Charlotte in 1977 on West Blvd by Richard Thomas and Jack Fulk. Featuring distinctive, flavorful chicken and buttermilk biscuits, the restaurant was an instant hit and has grown into a popular East coast chain along with locations in Mexico and Honduras.

As rare as it is to see a location close, the "Credit Quick" on South Blvd is a unique example. Originally a standard Bojangles' restaurant, this one became "Bojangles' University" and was Bojangles' primary training facility until 2002. Other than replacing the signature orange-color with light blue (and not very well), this building is easily identified as being a former member of the Bojangles' family.


  1. That's definitely a Bojangles!

    I've seen another style Bojangles building that looks like it's from the '70s that occasionally pops up in rural towns in North Carolina. I don't know if they were originally Bojangles, or if they bought a group of competing restaurants.

  2. there is also an old Bojangles on Central Ave near the intersection of Arnold Dr. It is now some type of fish market I believe.