Monday, May 5, 2008

The Fishmarket

1983 ad

1983 ad

1990 ad

1994 ad

Original matchbooks (both courtesy of Robert McEwen)

Your hosts-- Rene (owner), Vince (manager), and Martin (owner/head chef)

1993 table photo (note the aquarium in the rear)

1994 interior shot

Located in the Pavilion Shoppes across from Southpark Mall, The Fishmarket opened in March of 1983. The Fishmarket quickly established itself as the destination to go for gourmet seafood in an unsurpassed elegant atmosphere. The ambience was further enhanced by several large aquariums strategically located in the dining room as well as evening music provided by piano. For years, The Fishmarket was one of only two of Charlotte's five-star restaurants. It earned a reputation for an extensive menu of unusual fish and a formal setting which was both unique and distinct.

The Fishmarket would continue its successful run for about 20 years when the Pavilion (in response to the expansion and remodel of Southpark Mall) would close and eventually be torn down (the building was showing its age and tearing it down was an easier option than remodeling). The location currently houses a high-end gardening store and a bistro-style restaurant.

REVISIONS -- 1-19-2009- From the late-90's-

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