Sunday, December 8, 2013

Spoon's Ice Cream Parlor

Great mid-70's shot

Elizabeth Spoon a.k.a. "The Ice Cream Lady"

Spoon's opened on Hawthorne Lane in 1929 and was owned by Whitney and Elizabeth Spoon. Elizabeth earned the nickname "The Ice Cream Lady" from the generations of families that flocked to Spoon's for all of her homemade flavors. The Spoons would sell the business in 1978 and food was added to the menu. Ice cream was still served but not from Elizabeth's famous recipes. The standing building is all that currently remains of the Spoon's legacy and ice cream.


  1. In the 50's and 60's growing up in Charlotte, Spoon's was THE PLACE for ice cream. Other places served ice cream, but Spoon's is where we went for special occasions.
    Mike S.

  2. Today, it would be called artisanal ice cream, but back then, it was just called homemade. How about being able to walk in and ask the owner to make your favorite flavor of ice cream next week? Yup, Mrs. Spoon would do it. Amazing.