Sunday, February 15, 2009

Staley's Charcoal Steak House

Mid-60's interior shot

1978 menu

1975 ad

Above matchbooks courtesy of Robert McEwen

In the 1960's, Charlotte's hottest restaurant trend was charcoal steakhouses. Most of them were located in a one mile radius along West Morehead St and Wilkinson Blvd. Steak was in demand and charcoal-cooking was the preferred method.

One of the best of all of the charcoal steakhouses was Staley's on Wilkinson Blvd. It opened in the early-60's and ran until the mid-80's. They featured a "charcoal room" where the steaks were cooked, had nightly entertainment, and offered a dining room which featured red leather seating (the steakhouse look of the time). Staley's was so popular, they eventually opened a second, more formal (less steak-oriented) restaurant/lounge on Clanton Rd.

By the late-70's, these steakhouses were waning in popularity and most were all gone by the early-80's. Today, only two still exist in Charlotte.


  1. If I'm not mistaken, Staley's was based in Winston-Salem. At one point, there were, I believe, three locations there: the original steakhouse on Reynolda Road, and restaurants at both Thruway and Northside shopping centers. The Reynolda location apparently lasted until 2003, per an article which just happened to run in this week's Sunday paper:

  2. You are absolutely correct--I thought about that the day after I did this post. Was surprised one location lasted until 2003. Thanks (as always) for your comment and the picture link!

  3. Mr. Staly was a great car lover and collector...I have a 1969 Dodge Daytona that I believe he bought and used as a parade car at Charlotte and Rockingham. If anybody knows more, please contact me at I have been trying to find a picture or a movie of this car on the track for years. Any help would be appreciated... Thanks