Sunday, February 15, 2009


Above nine photos show the original interior pre-Mid-90's renovation

Early-'60's postcard

Mid-70's postcard

James Gardner & Dick Smothers enjoying the Amber House - 1969

Original 1957 menu from opening day

Late-80's menu

1979 menu

Cover of the current menu

The Amber House opened on N Tryon St in 1957. At the time, this area was mostly farm land--the Speedway was two years away and (now) nearby UNCC was eight years away from opening.

The Amber House was one of the first area restaurants to specialize in charcoal-cooked steaks and today, it was one of the last that features this style of cooking. Other than a major interior renovation in the mid-90's, the Amber House has stayed about the same as when it originally opened. It offers a wide menu (several items have been on the menu since the restaurant first opened) and it can boast a loyal clientele that has spanned several generations.

While the North side of town has undergone major changes throughout the years, it is reassuring that the Amber House continues to thrive today much like it did 52 years ago.

Revision - 10-16-11

1966 photo

1969 photo


  1. Man I love these pictures. What a great place. Americana at its finest. Great post. Thanks

  2. Thanks for your comment (as always!). These type of restaurants are getting harder to find. So much history!

  3. Thank you so much for the review! Sadly, tonight, November 28, 2009, is the last night that the Amber House will be open for business. We will continue to do the catering, but the restaurant will be closed to the public. Thank you for 52 wonderful years! We owe our success to our customers!

  4. I catered to Amber House in Charlotte for many years before it closed. I under stand the owner of Amber House moved to Cox road in Gastonia. I plan to check this out.

  5. Amber House is now Amberjack located at:

    4253 S New Hope Rd
    Gastonia, NC 28056
    Phone:(704) 824-5502