Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hollywood Grill

1976 photo showing the lunchtime crowd

The sign says it all

Farewell hugs on the last day

Goodbye, Buddy! (note the trademark Indian out front wearing tinsel on the last day)

Watching the building come down in this 1987 photo

The Hollywood Grill was a downtown institution for 51 years. The restaurant got its name from the early days when most of its customers worked in nearby "Film Row"- an area of downtown heavily populated by motion picture distribution houses. It was opened in 1935 by Sam Perry and operated on Fourth St for 20 years until it moved to 215 W. Third St. In 1971, the restaurant was bought by James "Buddy" Hoyle who would run it until its close on December 17, 1986.

"Home Cooked Meals Every Day" was the restaurant's slogan. The Hollywood Grill was famous for its country-style steak, barbecued pork, mashed potatoes, stuffed cabbage, pinto beans, and corn bread. It featured a serving line, so in some respect it was like a cafeteria. There was always a choice of four meats and five vegetables. It had a loyal following for both breakfast and lunch. 


  1. Another case of the real estate being too valuable? For the life of me, though, I can't figure out what's sitting there today...I see the Packard building (222 S. Church) in the background of a couple of the shots but just can't quite place it. Actually, I think it may just be a parking lot right now...


  2. You are correct--that whole block of Third is one big parking lot.

  3. when connecticut mutual purchased the property from my parents they intended to construct a parking deck for a proposed new building. instead, they bought the old northwestern building, so no deck was needed. now it is just part of the lot that surrounded the hollywood grill. i often give impromptu tours to anyone who i am with at brevard court,showing the former spots for tables, ovens, and serving lines as i walk across the asphalt. man, i miss that place.

    1. Gladys and Sam "Peery" were my aunt and uncle. I worked the booths and counter at age 14, 1963.

  4. That's right..."Peery"....they were my grandparents and I worked there for a couple of summers when I was about 12....that was about a million years ago....well actually 1959. I also have some fond memories of that place...Gladys typing the lunch menu each morning and then using that old mimeograph machine to run the copies and Sam cooking all those orders and they never wrote anything down, she called out the order and he cooked it.....what a place....there will never be anything like it again. Even though years later Sam would turn out to be not one of my favorite people, I still remember the warm feelings and great smells, good food and the people who ate there. RIP Hollywood Grill.