Monday, October 29, 2012

Leo's Deli

Mid 1990's shots from the original location (building since torn down)

Leo's Deli opened in 1942 at 1503 Elizabeth Ave. It would move one block over in 2002 to 1421 Elizabeth Ave and would eventually close in August 2010. At the time of it's closing, it held the distinction of being Charlotte's oldest deli. It was operated from 1976 until its close by the Maheras family.


  1. I remember it, I remember all the people that use to go in there, but the parking, wasn't so good , But it didn't stop a lot of there clientele. When you have a great Deli like Leos. Keep it going. Put it right up there with McCalasters Deli ( Don't know if I spelled it right) But they're wonderful. As was Leos.

  2. I still miss Leo's. deli. They had the best Reuban in town.

    1. A genuine kosher deli.. Sandwiches so packed you could hardly open your mouth wide enough to take a bite. Add the homemade potato salad, a kosher pickle, and a Dr Brown's - HEAVEN!

  3. Sterling Phamacy was the corner next to Leo's

  4. The "Original" Leo's was indeed a Charlotte icon. It was never the same after Leo was gone!