Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Cotswold location 1985

1981 ad

1981 ad

1986 ad

"Manager of the Week" ads 1987

Charlotte has spent more than 2 decades without 7-Eleven. In the late-80's, the Southland Corporation sold off all Charlotte locations due to financial issues in the company. This spring, 7-Eleven returned to  Charlotte and replaced all On The Runs and Sam's Marts. Though not a restaurant per se, 7-Eleven was always a great place for snacks and treats (their Slurpees were part of everyone's youth). Enjoy this look back to the 1980's when 7-Eleven was a mainstay in the area. Welcome back! Oh, thank heaven indeed!

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  1. I'd forgotten all about the Thank Heaven slogan! I also find it interesting that Apartment and Home Finder books used to cost money.