Sunday, April 15, 2012

Restaurant Postcards - 1989

"Tastefully Charlotte" was a series of six photo postcards issued as a set in 1989. From the lens of Diane Davis, they represented a great profile of several iconic Charlotte eateries of the time. The good news is that today, half of them are still in operation and thriving.


  1. The bad news is that the other half are not :(

  2. Coffee Cup was right around the corner from The Boulgny Co. Great biscuts

  3. I ate pigs feet with Axel Dikkers from The Townhouse at The Coffee Cup in 1997. A real french chef eating pigs feet...

    The Dairy Queen is still operating on Wilkinson Blvd by the fire station.

    The Krispy Kreme on Albemarle Rd is now Collection Imports used car dealer.

    Andersons was closed by CPCC to make room for a parking garage. Jimmie's by CPCC was closed as well to make room for the school bookstore I think. Jimmie's is out 51 by Mint Hill but no longer the same, IMO.

    Open Kitchen is great and still going strong on West Morehead near Freedom. That restaurant should benefit from revitalization taking place in the nearby Wesley Heights neighborhood.

    South 21 is still going strong and was recently profiled on Dives, Drive-Ins and Diners on Food Network.