Sunday, October 4, 2009

Charlotte sandwich shops 1976

An interesting look at the Charlotte deli scene from 1976. Of all the places mentioned, 33 years later only two still remain (Arthur's and Leo's). Please post if you have any memories of any of these eateries.


  1. Never thought of the White Horse as a deli, come to think of it I never thought of Arthurs as a deli either. I frequented both of them a lot in the later seventies early eighties, primarily because they were perfect for dates, Arthurs for lunch and the White Horse at night.

    I still go to the uptown Arthurs every once in a while for lunch.

  2. Did The Cottage close within the past two or three years? Is it Big Ben's now?

  3. The Cottage closed sometime in the late-70's or very early-80's. Throughout much of the '80's it was a wonderful neighborhood sports bar called McZ's. Between McZ's and Big Ben's, it was home to several different casual upscale eateries (Crossroads, Sonoma, Meeting House).