Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Arthur's - Pt 2 - Ivey's 1973-1990 ***HALL OF FAME EATERY***

Fall 1973 ad announcing the arrival at Ivey's

Arthur's moving to Ivey's was front-page news

Christmas 1973 with the Shriner's!

1974 ad - now with two locations

1974 business card

1974 ad announcing the new Southpark location

Arthur's mid-70's wine club card (front & back)

1974 ad

1974 menu

Christmas 1974 wine sale ad

Another Christmas 1974 wine ad

1974 picture of the Arthur's sandwich booth at a downtown street festival (even Winnie likes grinders!)

Spring 1975 wine ad

1975 review of the Eastland location

Mid-70's Southpark menu

1975 ad

1976 picture of the downtown location

Original mid-70's drink cup

1977 script for WSOC radio ad

1977 picture

Mid-70's Eastland menu

1978 ad

1979 picture of Steve (center) and John Balsley (right)

1980 printer's proof of the Arthur's logo

1978 ad announcing the McAlister Square (Greenville, SC) location

Above two ads from 1981

1980 Southpark take-out menu

Watch the big game at Arthur's!

Above ads all from 1981

October 4, 1981 ad announcing the opening of the Four Seasons location

1982 ad

1984 ad

1984 wine tasting invitation

1985 Wine Festival invitation

Late-80's Christmas ad
1990 Dillard's ad

On Monday October 1, 1973, Arthur's opened shop in the lower level of the downtown Ivey's store replacing the Coffee Shop. For the previous year and a half, Arthur's had been located across 5th Street in the lobby of the decaying Clayton Hotel. The move to Ivey's brought many hopes, along with some controversy. The thought of selling beer and wine in the conservative Methodist-run Ivey's not only shocked many, but also made front page news. The press would prove to only help Arthur's as the location was an immediate success (for years, Arthur's at Ivey's was the place to eat lunch downtown). The downtown location would prove to be so popular, that 1974 saw the opening of a second Arthur's at Ivey's-Southpark followed by a 1975 location at Ivey's-Eastland. Eventually there would many locations throughout North and South Carolina including Greenville, SC (1978), Greensboro (1981), and Myrtle Beach (1977).  

Arthur's affiliation with Ivey's would continue strong throughout the 1980's until Ivey's was bought out by Dillard's. Arthur's remained with Dillard's for a very short time before moving to another Charlotte institution-Belk. 

Pt 3 coming soon--the Belk years...

***Special thanks to Steve Balsley for his generous contributions to this post. Thanks again, Steve for allowing access to your personal collection!!!***


  1. Absolutely awesome! Many thanks to Pat, and especially Steve, for sharing all this with us. I can't wait to see part 3!

    Couple of questions, though...

    -- Where on the second floor was the Arthur's at Ivey's in SouthPark? I assume it's just selling floor space now.

    -- The ad for the basketball game says to show up at the "Ivey's Auditorium." What was that?

    They had one at McAlister Square! I never knew this! That just makes that (former) mall so much more neat in my opinion.

    Wonderful stuff!

  2. Shoot -- forgot one question. The only "downstairs" I can think of at the downto...er, uptown store is in the back right corner where, most recently, Daddy's was. (And I can't even begin to list all of the restaurants that can't -- or won't -- seem stay in that spot, present company excepted.) Is that where Arthur's was?

  3. Arthur's was in the basement of the downtown Ivey's store (with little else down there). At Southpark, they were on the second floor right by the elevator--eventually they moved up to the third floor near the beauty salon.

    The downtown Ivey's store did indeed have a small auditorium--not sure how much it was actually used. They also had a small chapel in the store.

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