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1969 ad

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1971 exterior photo

Late-90's photo of the empty building (it's now a used car lot)

Opened in the early-60's, Pedro's was Charlotte's first full-service sit-down Mexican restaurant. Located at the (then) outskirts of town, Pedro's offered a dining experience unlike anything else at the time in Charlotte.

Pedro's was operated and owned by Pedro Osornio. He also had a location in Fayetteville which was run by his brother. Though by today's standards, the menu was standard Mexican fare, during the '60's and '70's it was an unusual dining experience in the area.

The interior featured everything from a large fountain in the center of the dining room to a large fireplace on one main wall. A mix of statues and tons of large plants and cactus decorated the restaurant. Minimal lighting was provided by both antique chandeliers as well as candles on every table. The dark red walls also added to the dark ambiance. The exterior was a combination of rough brick and stucco, highlighted with hacienda-like archways.

Pedro's would continue until the mid-80's. The Osornio family would reappear in the late-90's when they opened a short-lived restaurant in downtown Matthews (Cactus Rose). They would also (for a short time during this same time period) put on a Mexican buffet on Saturday nights at the Country Inn of Matthews.

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  1. My favorite place to eat, I am a little biased though, I am Pedro's son. Just a correction, there were 3 restaurants in Fayetteville, not run by Pedro's brother, but owned and run my Pedro himself. The last one closed when he retired in Dec. of 2001. I am to young to remember the restaurant in Charlotte, but have heard lots of stories, where did you get the pictures? Thanks so much.

    Little Pedro

  2. We used to eat at this place when it was Hermano's in the early 90s quite often. Memories!

  3. After closing in Matthews the staff re-opened yet again in Monroe as the Mexicali Rose, still with the same menu we'd known for years. That lasted for two or three years. Those of us who grew up eating Pedro's food hope that it gets opened up once more ... lasting many more years this time!

  4. They have re-opened as the Cactus Rose again. 15080 Idlewild Rd, Stallings (I-485 at exit 49) immediately behind the Rite Aid drug store. Same people, same menu, same wonderful food. 704.882.3492

  5. My favorite restaurant, ever! I have not found any Mexican restaurant with food as good as Pedro's. I wish you'd open a Pedro's in Rock Hill, SC. Maybe a smaller market than Charlotte, but in the Charlotte area would work. Think about it, please!

  6. This is Cactus Rose we are open in Indian Trail behind Brusters 633 Indian Trail Rd South 704821ROSE still Pedro food. CANDY Lake says hurry